About the project

The design industry is considered to be woke and progressive – unfortunately, the reality is different. Women and other underrepresented designers remain invisible. The exhibition IN*VISIBLE sheds light on the situation and industry’s problems in Austria. Study results are made tangible, prejudices are shown and injustices in communication design are settled.

Exhibition design
DATa visualization


ADC Talent Award 2023
1x Gold in Graphic Design/Typography
1x Bronze in Exhibition
1x Merit in Communication Arts

Jury comment

“Die Idee IN*VISIBLE hat die Jury ganzheitlich überzeugt. Das genderspezifische Grundproblem unserer Branche wird nicht nur benannt, sondern durch die einzelnen leicht zugänglichen Exponate und erlebbaren Infografiken für jeden nachvollziehbar erlebbar. Ein Thema, das auch weit über unsere Branche hinaus nicht an Wichtigkeit verliert."

Young Ones 2023
1x Merit in Design for Good/Experiential Design

camera: Julia Wohlgemuth, Johanna Wicht
Sound design: David Prokop

Mood Killer

Power games can really get you going or completely kill the mood. Depending on where they are played. In the work environment, people in positions of power often use killer phrases to shut down the opponent with flimsy arguments.

These are real mood killers. That's why we put an end to silly power games in discussions and put them where they belong: in bed.

Big Flex

Look who’s flexing – but not with pumped-up muscles in front of the gym mirror, but with a bulging wallet. While more than half of all self-employed designers make profits of € 75,000 or more, female designers have to bend in all directions to be visible in higher pay grades.

We see: lettuce shrinks your biceps* and your gender shrinks your income. (*German pop cultural saying: Salat schrumpft den Bizeps.)


(engl. mess)
Is the piggy bank half full or half empty? Regardless of whether you are an optimist or a pessimist – the reality of designers in Austria looks like this: In 2019, self-employed male designers earned an average total income of € 50,000, while their female colleagues earned only half of that (€ 25,000).

Raise the Bar

A good work-life balance is being preached constantly. Earning money, doing the laundry, running the household, wielding the frying pan, climbing the career ladder, managing the family, networking over an after-work drink, sipping coffee with friends or simply enjoying some quiet me-time. But how much can you actually take on in a day? And most importantly, can you handle it?

Photos by Lea Kurz, Christoph Platzer, Johanna Wicht


Christine Poplavski and Johanna Wicht are currently studying MultiMediaArt at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Within their master’s studies they focused on gender equality in the field of design.

September 2022: 2CO Conference, Alghero – Talk
Juni 2022: Rundgang FH Salzburg – Exhibition

The study was kindly provided by designaustria.

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